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Chris Rock reveals Covid-19 diagnosis, urges fans to get vaccinated

Chris Rock revealed on social media Sunday that he has tested positive for Covid-19. “Hey guys I just found out I have COVID, trust me you don’t want this,” Rock tweeted Sunday. “Get vaccinated.”

Rock didn’t elaborate on his condition, but he had announced on The Tonight Show in May that he did receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. In an interview with Gayle King earlier this year (via Variety), Rock criticized those who did not want to get the vaccine, noting, “Let me put it this way: Do I take Tylenol when I get a headache? Yes. Do I know what’s in Tylenol? I don’t know what’s in Tylenol, Gayle. I just know my headache’s gone. Do I know what’s in a Big Mac, Gayle? No. I just know it’s delicious.”

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